Jalapeño Corporation
 (505) 242-2050
Independent Operator Since 1993
  1. The Permian Basin
    Holding an interest in some 65,000 acres in Eddy and Lea Counties, Jalapeno is well positioned to take advantage of the current and future plays within the Permian Basin.
  2. The Texas EagleFord
    Jalapeno has an interest in many wells in Texas, the most important of which are its Eagleford wells. With 4,600 continuous acres in DeWitt and Gonzales Counties, within the Eagleford oil window, Jalapeno is positioned for future growth in the Eagleford. Jalapeno is currently involved in a 225 well program with EOG to develop this acreage position.
  3. Chaves County
    Jalapeno runs it own cable-tool drilling rig and operates a small oil field in Chaves County. With over 6,000 acres, Jalapeno performs most of its operated drilling activities in this county.
  4. Otero County
    Since the company's inception in 1993, Jalapeno has been involved in a long term effort to try and discover hydrocarbons in economic quantities within Otero County. To this end, Jalapeno currently has 18,000 net acres leased in this county.